Messi injured again

FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi arrives for training session at Joan Gamper training campBARCELONA - Bad news for the fans Barcelona- Cules-Barca superstar Lionel Messi is certain to be pulled over for a while after suffering a hamstring injury.

These injuries obtained while Messi led Barcelona picked up three points at home to Villarreal, Camp El Madrigal on Monday (01/09/2014) early morning hrs. La Pulga Messi-nickname-play 90 minutes, though his shot hit the post twice, Messi became inspiration after his team’s victory to set-up goals scored by Barca youth players, Sandro Ramirez.

The club has given an official release related injury three times winner of the Ballon d’Or. Messi has suffered strained muscle on his right hip. It is necessary precautions further injury. Tuesday (today) will undergo further tests for further examination.

Given this news, it can be ascertained in the absence of Messi Argentina German counter test match on Thursday (09/04/2018) early morning hrs. It was the sixth injury El Messiah throughout his career as a professional footballer.

Besides Messi, Barcelona‘s young striker, Munir El Haddadi also injured. Catalan giant young star reportedly suffered a bruised muscle.

Red and White Coalition Ready to Face Jokowi-JK

Jakarta - Post-decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) who reject the entire lawsuit Prabowo-Hatta, Coalition Red White struggled getting in Senayan. Agenda closest election about leadership DPR / MPR.

koalisi merah putih

Although many seduction of Jokowi-JK to join, Red and White Coalition commitment to stick together to balance Jokowi-JK government increasingly rounded.

Quoted from, Deputy Treasurer General Bambang Soesatyo DPP Golkar Party said there was still a round Golkar Party were allies of the Coalition Red and White. Until now the DPP Golkar remains solid and consistent to be a part and a major supporter of the Coalition Red and White,” Bambang told reporters at Parliament House, Parliament Complex in Senayan Jakarta, Friday (22/08/2014).

According to Bambang, this attitude is related to the ethical and political fatsun Golkar Party. According to him, it is not appropriate to change the attitude of the party that originally supported the Coalition Red White and turned supports Jokowi-JK. There should not be the attitude of the party and its leaders plintat-plintut’,” said Bambang.

However, Bambang can not dismiss the momentum when the National Conference (National Conference) Golkar political attitudes change course supports Jokowi-JK it is submitted in the General Assembly and the Chairman of the forum selected. Not as beautiful if it ARB Chairman of the moment, suddenly licking her own spit. What the world says,” said member of Parliament‘s Law Commission.

The same thing was also said to the Vice Chairman of the Constitutional Committee of the PPP faction Ahmad Dimyati Natakusumah. He said the PPP will continue to consistently be in the Coalition ranks Red and White with the government‘s role as a counterweight. This condition, said Dimyati, will make an ideal political situation. If the leadership of the House and the government here was different colors, well that’s going to balance each other, and the government will take proper care in the work,” said Dimyati.

The same thing also confirmed Djamil PKS politician. According to him, the presence of Coalition Red White should be retained. He reasoned this coalition can color the Indonesian parliament. Coalition Red White must be maintained, let no color in the Parliament,” said Nasir.

Coalition maneuver Red and White never tested when approval of a bill MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD on July 8, 2014 ago. Coalition of the Golkar Party, the Democratic Party, Gerindra, PKS, PAN and PPP effective when pushing the MD3 Act.

Closest political agenda in parliament the House Rules related attestation exams will be both Coalition Red and White. Peak, later in the period 2014-2019 House of Representatives will be tested in the leadership election of DPR / MPR and Equipment Completed Council (AKD).

4 Benefits of Ice for Beauty

es-batu-womenworldMalang-Ice cubes it also has many other benefits, one of which is for treating facial beauty.

Here are some benefits of ice cubes for the beauty that you can try as reported Healthmeup, Wednesday (08/20/2014).

1 Treating Eye Puff

Lack of sleep, too stressed, or tired eyes can cause eye looks swollen. To reduce this unwanted swelling, you can take advantage of the ice cubes.

The trick, wrap a few chunks of ice cubes in a towel and rub gently on the skin surface of your eye. The cold ice will give a soothing effect on your eyes.

2 Relieve Acne

When you arise in the face of acne, take a few chunks of ice cubes and rub it gently on the acne. Blocks of ice will mengonstriksi blood vessels so that blood into the skin surface. This will reduce swelling and redness.

3 Shrink pores

Ice can also be used as an effective medication to minimize enlarged pores. The trick rubbed ice cubes that had been coated with a towel on your face to reduce the size of the pores before you apply make-up.

4. Refreshes Tired Skin

When you rub ice on your face, the body automatically sends an increase in the flow of warm blood to the area, thereby increasing blood circulation.

This will create a refreshing effect on your skin that looks tired. The trick, grab some ice and place it in a glass beaker, and then use the glass beaker to cool your face. Do not put ice directly to your face because the ice can damage capillaries.

Rojo Join Manchester United, Nani to Sporting


LONDON - Argentina national team defender Marcos Rojo likely to join Manchester United from Portuguese club Sporting.

In contrast, the Portuguese international, Nani, will be hired by the club’s season opposite, to Sporting.

In United‘s official website stated, with Rojo contract for 5 years with a value of 20 million euros (26.53 million dollars).

The 24-year-old started his career in Argentina with or near the club Estudiantes de la Plata, then moved to Spartak Moscow and to Sporting.

He’s been playing (cap) 28 times in the Argentina national team, including the World Cup final against Germany.

Rojo revealed were honored to play at Manchester United. Opportunity to come into play in the world’s biggest teams certainly a dream of every player.

I was very young players and wants to keep learning. So playing in a big club coached by a great coach and experienced the caliber of Louis van Gaal is fantastic for me. I will work harder with my friends at the club, to get the various trophies that we want, he said.

Lousi coach van Gaal said Marcos Rojo is a great bertahahan player.

He‘s been playing in the world and the legel can play as a central defender or left back. He has great ability, physical strength and a desire to move on. He has a bright future. Powerful He played in the World Cup and also in Europe,” he said .

United’s next away game will do to Sunderland on Sunday (local time)

Jokowi-JK administration predicted Only Survived Two Years

JAKARTA - The administration of President-elect Jokowi JK predicted will be short lived and not more than a period of 2 years.
Indonesia President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono shakes hand with president candidate Joko "Jokowi" Widodo during a meeting at the presidential palace in Jakarta
If government Joko Widodo (Jokowi) are not careful in managing the country’s economy then the government could take a period of two years given the challenges facing larger than the previous administration.

This statement was made by the former Minister for Economic Affairs Rizal Ramli in a discussion entitled Dissecting the State Budget 2015″ in the DPR building Thursday (21/8/8/2014).

Besides Rizal, the other speakers in the discussion is a member of the House Hendrawan Supratikno which is a member of the economic team-mate candidate Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla. Other speakers are national entrepreneur John Riyadi.

According to Rizal, when President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) began his reign, the Indonesian economy in general benefit from a high enough demand for commodities from abroad.

China and India, for example, requires raw materials such as coal and petroleum are also palm oil in bulk.

In recent years, said Rizal, demand for Indonesia‘s commodity exports are likely to decline.

In terms of politics, the next government opposition forces are also much more confrontational given the fact the rivalry during the campaign.

While in parliamentary opposition forces reach the two-thirds rule that could potentially disrupt.

“If the new government next not careful, could be two years old,” said Rizal.

Rizal underlined the economic problems faced by Indonesia that he be compared to trap Batman or Batman trap.

The issue quatro deficit or four deficits, according to him, the main issue to be solved.

In addition to facing a trade deficit and current account deficit, Indonesia faced balance of payments deficit and the budget deficit, he said.

Next administration also inherited a “time bombready to explode if not sophisticated Jokowi manage the economy.

Rizal said one of the trap time bomb that is the posture of the state budget that does not provide a flexible space for Jokowi to fix the economy.

Meanwhile, John Riyadi confirms one of the threats to the national economy in terms of the external is a matter of policy the Fed is certain to raise interest rates.

With the policy, he said, capital outflow from Indonesia will be high considering the appeal of the interest rate is higher in the United States.

The condition is also exacerbated by the estimated value of which is pegged at Rp13,000 dollars if the government does not do anything (the status quo).

He refers to the prediction of global financial institutions Goldman Sachs.

However, John insists that in such circumstances will not go bankrupt given the Indonesian rupiah weakened on one side also profitable export.

Only, John agreed with Rizal that Jokowi challenges faced when starting his reign is considered more severe than the challenges faced when Yudhoyono came to power ten years ago

Saifuddin ISIS elder figures in East Java - Police arrested Terrorist, Saifuddin alias Abu Fida, are those who advocate a citizen of Indonesia (WNI) went to Syria.


Head of Public Information Police Headquarters Brig Joey Boy Amar said that until now the Special Detachment (Detachment) 88 Terror Police Headquarters are still steeped in cases involving Saifuddin.

Umar Saifuddin not the person who dispatched, but the advocate,” he said, Tuesday (19/08/2014).

Saifuddin alias Abu Fida had last year was a very Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) elder in East Java. It is as the development of upheaval in the Middle East, especially the crisis in Iraq and Syria.

The impact is only felt in 2013 and Abu Fida has ties to the terrorist network who deliberately invitation to enter in ISIS movement.

These Malaysia

Further Joey Boy Amar said Syrian citizen who went to the pick routes through Malaysia, and Turkey because they are more easily implemented based visas, ie visas on arrival.

However, the police could not prevent the departure of citizens through the two countries based on the principle of the right of every person to visit another country.

Police, continued Boy, can only be appealed to the citizens not to go abroad to perform activities of ISIS for violating the law.

“If the citizens of other countries going through the door is certainly difficult to be detected. It could be an Indonesian who has been residing abroad eventually went along, but we hope it does not happen, “said Boy.

Track Record

This is the track record of Abu Fida:
1 Hiding terrorist DPO Dr Azhari and Nurdin M. Top in 2002.
2 Hiding DPO named M. Hidayah aka dayah (from Medan) in 2012.
3 Knowing planning suicide bombings in Poso Mapolres June 3, 2013.
4. Accommodating terrorist network Santoso (Poso), among others: Galina Aji aka Satria Marijan, Arif Budi Setiawan, Guntur Amuntai, and Kardi (caught in Ngawi)
5. ISIS elder figures in East Java, acts as a speaker in the ISIS declaration in Solo, Surabaya, and Malang along with the suspect Afif Abdul Majid.
6. recruitment network among college students in Surabaya to be active in fund-raising activities in order to support ISIS.

Marco Reus going to Manchester United ? - Franz Beckenbauer give statements about their rivals Borussia Dortmound to claim Bundesliga Marco Reus will leave and join Manchester United next season.


Prices players aged 25 years and is estimated at £ 20 million contract will be extended next summer.

Bayern president Beckenbauer believes if the player refuses to join us then he will go to the team that has won the Premier League 20 times as much as it is the Reds Devils.

I can imagine how great if he played at Bayern.” Beckenbauer in an interview with German newspaper Bild.

If you can get a tremendous player then you should try to get it

I’m sure if he was not to Bayern in 2015 then he would go to a big club like Real Madrid or Manchester United. Dortmund seem to not be able to prevent it again to go

Prabowo and Volunteers Commemorate Independence Day in Cibinong


JAKARTA Prabowo, Hatta Rajasa and volunteers of the Red White and commemorate the independence proclamation seconds Nusantara Polo Club field in the region Jagorawi Golf & Country Club, Cibinong, West Java, on Sunday (17/08/2014) morning.

Former commander of the Army Special Forces came to the ceremony using a white Lexus car with police number B 17 GRD.

Prabowo, who wore a white shirt with a red emblem on the right chest Garuda, arriving around 07.30 pm and went straight to the VIP room.

Independence memorial service starts at 08.00 am was celebrated with marching band performances around the golf course.

A number of elite political party supporters also attended the event, among them the president of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Anis Matta, Hidayat Nur Wahid, Tantowi Yahya, Secretary General of the United Development Party Romahurmuzy, and the Secretary General of the MCC Taufik Ridho.

While competitors Prabowo in the 2014 presidential election, Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) the ceremony of Independence Day in the West Silang Monas Field, Central Jakarta.

Once Conscious Dreaming Being? Then you Including Intelligent People

A recent study concluded that people experience lucid dreaming or dream realized“, a condition in which sleep when he realized he was dreaming, it may be better to solve the problem.


“It can be believed, for those who realize he was sleeping dreams, they can go beyond the reality of the dream, and conscious dreaming,” said study researcher, Dr. Patrick Bourke Senior Lecturer Lincoln School of Psychology.

He said it showed the same ability kogitif also found in people who have the ability to think differently to solve the problem.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Psychological Association, researchers studied 68 people aged 18 and 25 years. Some of them had experienced a dream realized within a month.

The researchers then asked them to solve the problems created 30 pieces for testing insights. Each problem consisted of three words and one word solution.

Each of these three words can be combined with the solution to create a new compound word. For example, the word sand, age” and mile”, then its conjunctions is stone”.

The results showed, people who had a dream a few times obviously completed 25 percent more problems than those that are not, or have not experienced a lucid dream.

Hannah Shaw, who was also involved in the study said, the ability of having a dream realized is something that can be learned.

We are not entirely sure why some people are naturally lucid dreaming, better than others, although this is a skill that can be taught,” he said.

For example, you can get used to ask myselfIs this a dream? . “If you do this throughout the day when awake and make it a habit, then it can connect when you dream,” added Hannah.

Titiek Soeharto Sure Prabowo Win in MK

JAKARTA, dirta - Siti Hediati Hari or Titiek Suharto provide support to her ex-husband, Prabowo, who is filing a lawsuit case the election to the Constitutional Court. Titiek sure, a lawsuit filed Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa, it will be granted to couples presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate won.


“To be sure, anyway. Must be confident to win,” said Titiek while talking to reporters after the National Children’s Day celebrations at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Wednesday (06/08/2014).

Today, the Constitutional Court held a trial of the 2014 Presidential Election lawsuit case filed by presidential candidate-vice presidential candidate Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa. Prabowo admitted feeling hurt by the election process. He pointed to no deviation, dishonesty, and injustice committed election organizer.

Prabowo pointed out, he does not have a voice at all in hundreds of polling stations (TPS). In fact, he sure got the vote because it supported the seven political parties. Overall, a coalition of parties supporting Prabowo-Hatta received total noise as much as 62 percent when the legislative elections in April 2014.

National Election Commission and set pair Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla as president and vice president elected by as much as 53.15 percent of the vote. The Prabowo gained 46.85 percent of the vote.

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